My teaching interests include data mining and visual analytics, networking, cyber security, and web technologies.  My teaching experience at Towson includes the following courses:

COSC757 Data Mining: This course provides students with an understanding of the field of data mining and knowledge discovery in data (KDD). Students will become familiar with the foundations of data mining from a number of perspectives and will explore cutting edge research in data mining published in academic journals and conferences. Students will also gain hands on experience with data mining tools.

ITEC485 Information Technology Capstone: This senior IT capstone course provides students with a real-world IT  experience by allowing teams of students to design and implement an IT project with consideration for issues including cost, safety, efficiency, and suitability for the intended user.  They will display the ability to integrate and apply critical technical skills with a variety of management concepts, principles, techniques, and practices; while effectively managing people, information, information and communication technologies, and business processes for the strategic goals of the organization.

COSC440 Operating Systems Security: This course covers an in-depth and hands-on study of security concepts in operating systems. This course examines some of the security issues in current operating systems and discusses the existing tools and technologies needed for setting up a secure system.

COSC350 Data Communications and Networks: This course covers the basic principles of data communications and computer networking. Topics include networking basics: protocols and layers, clients and servers; data communications: signals, media, errors, modulation, multiplexing, access technologies; packet switching: packets and frames, MAC protocols, Ethernet, 802.11 and wireless technologies, LAN extensions, WANs and routing; and internetworking including IP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, NAT, UDP, and TCP.

CIS350 Telecommunications: This course discusses data networks and telecommunications from the perspectives of technology, systems, and management. You will review the services, networks, and applications used in the telecommunication industry, and describe the fundamental concepts of data transmission. Topics include evolution of telecommunications; voice and data services; basics of signaling, digital transmission, network architecture, and protocols; local area, metropolitan, and wide area networks; asynchronous transfer mode and broadband ISDN; and satellite systems, optical communications, cellular radio, personal communication systems, and multimedia services. This course will also cover management and regulatory issues in all areas of corporate data and telecommunications systems. You will also examine the organizations and institutions that regulate the standards of the telecommunication industry. Throughout the semester we will be studying several business cases to understand the link of data communications and business strategy.

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